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Sustainable Leaders Network Workspace Certification Program

In support of the University's Sustainability Principles, Columbia is committed to fostering a culture of sustainability. The Sustainable Leaders Network (SLN) was created to uphold this principle and enable Columbia affiliates to participate in the sustainability movement. The SLN is a group of sustainability-minded students, faculty, and staff from each school or administrative department at Columbia University. From collaborating on user-friendly, campus-wide recycling bin signage to piloting innovative green solutions in their offices, classrooms and homes, members of the SLN aim to drive behavior change from the ground up across Columbia's campuses, and within their homes through on-campus and remote work environments. Members of the SLN participate in the Workplace Certification program, which provides a checklist of all the possible actions schools and departments can take at Columbia to support the University's sustainability goals as outlined in our plan.

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